Mr. Surf’s 1/10/18 SURF & BEACH Report 7am: It’s cloudy, damp and coll w/air temps in 60s. Still a small ground swell at 1-2+ft.  Glassy lines rolling across the shallow sandbars. Light E winds. Waves running shin to thigh+ high. The water is still cold in 50s and it’s emerald clear blue-green w/Red Flags – Flags should go Yellow later. Have a blessed day.

Stand your ground on Christ! Our KING is coming. Times will be more challenging as we move forward according to the prophetic Word of God. Pray continually and give thanks to the Lord. Set your eyes on Jesus like ‘FLINT” and do not turn to the right or left. Be sure to put on the FULL Armor of God and claim VICTORY in the name above ALL names: ‘Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior and King.

Address:  7220/7221 Thomas Drive Phone # SURF SHOP (850)235-2702 / 24 Surf Report (850)235-2217  Finns Island Style Grub:(850)249-3466

Barista Bar & Finns Island Style Grub: CLOSED Monday /  Tues. – Sunday 7am – 3pm – by far one of the (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) ranked in Top 10 BEST places to drink coffee in a very cool atmosphere, as well as, offering unique, healthy items eat on Panama City Beach. All foods are fresh and cooked to order daily The prices are unreal for the quality and amount of food per serving! BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!