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This Saturday 7/6/24 at 7:30a Men’s Breakfast with Andrew McKean (Teacher)
All men are invited and we encourage fathers to bring their sons.
Pancakes, scrambled eggs, Turkey bacon, coffee, Orange Juice and fruit – $12

Justin Buxton provides food and coffee, and we provide juice and fruit


Saturday, June 1st

Spyglass | Dawn Patrol | Chest High | Stormy, windy & drifty

Rip was nuking; waves were sub-par

Sunday, June 2nd

City Pier | Dawn Patrol | Knee | Clean/Offshore

Mike Wynn finds some open face during a session better suited for bodysurfing (see below)

Rick lounging in some bodysurfing gems

Thursday, June 13th

City Pier | Dawn Patrol | Thigh | Clean Groundswell

Should have been bodysurfing
Vince milking some micro-glass for all its worth
TSV was too slow but the view was still a beaut

Treasure Island | Afternoon | Thigh | Onshore Groundswell

The water color accompanying this Yuke swell was enchanting
Though tiny the long period made even ankle cruisable

Monday, June 17th

City Pier | Dawn Patrol | Chest + | Clean/Offshore

Ryan Ivy put on a "how to exit" clinic for the rest of us

SASP | Late Morning | Waist+ | Clean/Offshore

SASP | Evening | Chest+ | Side-Off

Thankfully no one was hurt when a rental boat capsized during the evening session.
Surfers assisted in the rescue of the boats' passengers...
...and continued surfing

Tuesday, June 18th

City Pier | Dawn Patrol | Head + | Drifty/Sideshore

TSV and Mike Wynn got a taste of second sandbar speed even though the waves weren’t quite large enough to connect too well

Tate made the most of the inside, which sacrificed size thanks to the second sandbar interference, but did not skimp on power and speed, making takeoffs tricky and sections closeout for the most part.

SASP | Dawn Patrol | Chest+ | Textured/Offshore

SASP | Late Afternoon | Chest + | Textured/Side-Off

Beau Bradbury found some clean lines near the rocks.

TSV got a taste of a few waves on the second sandbar still not quite showcasing full power, but a decent dose of speed

Wednesday, June 19th

SASP | Dawn Patrol | Chest + | Textured/Side-Off

SASP | Evening | Chest+ | Clean/Offshore

Justin Buxton finds a speedy peak at the outside session
Lachlan connected a few from the outside all the way in
After this one Mommy Surf caught one of the bombs outside right before sunset
Justin Buxton sending it at Sunset on the outside
TSV finally found one outside that made the connection

Thursday, June 20th

County Pier | Dawn Patrol | Chest + | Glassy

Rhett secured view after view at County Pier, but exits were elusive.

Sunday, June 23rd

State Park | AM | Chest + | Textured

Jason Tuno Finds a section

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New Cheetahs are great for beginners

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