Today’s (Saturday 3/21/20) SURF / BEACH Report:  ATTENTION: ALL BEACHES ARE CLOSED!

We are OPEN for the time being & are fully stocked with New Spring 2020 merchandise. Drop in and check it out, as well as, the NEW Shop and Barista Bar. (Pics up shortly) This morning is absolutely beautiful with clear sunny skies and warm air temps in 70s. We have surf / waves about knee to rib / chest – Swell. Cannot surf – they will fine you if you are on the beach. The water is nice and warming up in low 70s with Yellow flags. No Red Tide and No jellies reported. Y’all have an amazing day and be blessed!  We thank you for your support = GO WITH THE FLOW – HOLY FLOW!  WE LOVE Y’ALL AND SO MUCH APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

We are a Market Place Ministry first and foremost. We serve and love all people. Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior resides here! If you need prayer, please stop by. It’s our privilege and honor to serve our Lord and we’ll pray with you for whatever your going through or facing.

Finns Hours of Operation  Mr. Surf’s CLOSED Monday / Tuesday – Sunday 9am till 4pm.  24 Surf Report (850)235-2217 Finns Barista Bar & Snack Shack:(850)249-3466 CLOSED Monday / Tues. – Sun. 7am – 3pm