Today’s (Saturday 711/20) SURF / BEACH Report: We are (SURF SHOP) OPEN Tues. –  Sat. 9am-4pm & Sun. 10am-3pm / CLOSED MONDAYS = our Day of Rest. Today it’s hot, humid and sunny with air temps into 90s+ with index. We have light NNW wind and small ankle / shin high plus Westerly lines pushing in = not very surfable only skim. The water is murky, however, it’s absolutely beautiful emerald blue-green over on Shell Island – need a boat. Yellow flags with some jellies & No Red Tide / some seaweed on beaches but not bad at all. Y’all have a blessed day. We thank you for your support = GO WITH THE FLOW – HOLY FLOW!  WE LOVE Y’ALL AND SO MUCH APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

We are a Market Place Ministry first and foremost. We serve and love all people. Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior resides here! If you need prayer, please stop by. It’s our privilege and honor to serve our Lord and we’ll pray with you for whatever your going through or facing.