Today’s (Monday 8/24/20) SURF / BEACH Report: We are (SURF SHOP) OPEN Tues. –  Sat. 8:30am-4pm & Sun. 10:30am-4pm / CLOSED MONDAYS = our Day of Rest. It’s been raining all morning lightly with some thunderstorms now and then. Cooler air temps in 80s and light ENE winds at 5-12 mph making way for very clean conditions and waves are 1-3ft+ (knee to waist / chest high and fun but crowded at the Park. T.S. Marc is pushing Weswtard towards Louisiana and Laura is moving across Cuba and will enter Gulf and forecast to become a hurricane and move Westward also. Stay Posted to all reports. RED & PURPLE Flags = some jellies but not bad. Pray for the folks West of us. Have a blessed day. We thank you for your support = GO WITH HIS FLOW – HOLY FLOW!  WE LOVE Y’ALL AND SO MUCH APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

We are a Market Place Ministry first and foremost. We serve and love all people. Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior resides here! If you need prayer, please stop by. It’s our privilege and honor to serve our Lord and we’ll pray with you for whatever your going through or facing.