Today’s (Friday 2/5/21) SURF / BEACH Report: We are (SURF SHOP) OPEN Tues. –  Sat. 9am-4pm / Sunday & Monday CLOSED = it’s our Sabbath.

Today was cloudy with some sunshine and showers late in the day. Winds turned off shore and waves were FUN. Mommy Surf was out surfing – I was up in the country out at our property working all day (lots & lots of acres to work & some cabins to fix up = I’ll be busy for a few months) Mommy Surf relayed the surf was fun but the water was cold. She said waves were waist to chest/shoulder+ and lots of surfers were out enjoying the waves. I got back in town late evening and saw clean waves rolling in at about waist to chest as the sun was setting. Winds are strong NW at this time – may be leftovers but COLD in morning? Water in in low 60s / Red Flags. Have a blessed day. We are a Market Place Ministry first and foremost. We serve and love all people. Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior resides here! If you need prayer, please stop by. It’s our privilege and honor to love and serve you and our Lord. We will pray with you for whatever your going through or facing.