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Mr. Surf’s SURF / BEACH / SHOP Report 4th of July Independence Day: Been a very interesting and BUSY morning here at Mr. Surf’s.  My wife took an early am paddle on the Gulf with a friend ‘Deb Meadows’ from Oxford Alabama. She and her husband ‘Greg’ are here visiting for a few days. As you can see by the pics it’s a beautiful 4th of July here in Panama City beach Florida. NO SURF – Yellow flags with sunny skies and air temps into 80s/90s / light sea breeze. Water is emerald blue -green in 80s.
Have been busy at the shop all morning with folks coming in and shopping and also MANY Divine Encounters / Appointments. The pic you see with Me (Daddy Surf) and Allie was my first appointment. The Lord spoke to me and said that Allie was struggling with relationships and I approached her and told her so. She was flabbergasted to say the least and wondered how I knew. I told her that the Lord brought her in to set her free from what she was struggling with and also to fill her with the Holy Ghost! I prayed and yep, you know it – we both got blasted by HIS presence and she got full of the Holy Spirit
The other pics are of my dear friends the Ragers. They’ll be moving and Greg had a Word for Brandon. Lots of things happening here at the Surf Shop. It’s AWESOME!
Y’all have a great day, be safe and have a blessed 4th of July!

Drop by the shop for PRAYER if you desire. That’s what we do and more! Thank you for your support = GO WITH THE FLOW – HOLY FLOW!  WE LOVE Y’ALL AND SO MUCH APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

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