On June 27th Austin Blount landed his first Madonna at the new skatepark. We were stoked to get it on camera.

Finns Barista Bar employee Coleman Lewis is getting frontside double truck carve grinds down in the pool at the news skatepark.

Shelton Halstead shows us how to do a frontside grab in the new pool bowl.

I’m still trying to master these frontside double truck grinds in the deep end; they are so speedy and fun and the closest thing to surfing for me. 

Ernie Watkins grabs the nose during his backside slash grind in the pool.

Austin demonstrates a backside disaster in the pool.

The standout at the park on June 27th was most definitely Stephen Gavarinski (@finest_Floridian)

Stephen takes an ollie-of-faith into the deep end- no problem.

Tripp Barrett tests out two variations on his backside slash in the deep end on June 30th.

Tate Danford sharpens his frontside slash and grab in the deep end.