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Aaron Michaels Live in Finns Barista Bar 11:30 AM Saturday August 5th

Surf, Skate & Skim with TSV

We didn’t have as many sessions in July. The summer doldrums were in full effect, but we did have a few unexpected days with fun sessions and beautiful water. 

County Pier - July 10
Brandon Early - July 11
Tyler Poole - City Pier
Alliya Yellen getting the hang of it during a lesson on July 11th
Daddy Surf's RC Board is a magic carpet
Austin White styles across blown glass at SASP
Tiny wave/beautiful view West of City Pier on July 24th
Can't get enough Quigley on State Park Peaks

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The New Board Brigade

Shop Update

We received a brand new shipment of Zap Joyrides in 51" and 53" lengths. They're going fast!

Florida's Back-To-School Tax Holiday continues until August 6th, so get clothes, shoes, and hats tax free while you can. 

Boardshorts are 40% off, all Volcom Products are 50% off, and swimsuits are 50% off. Catch the sale while it's on. 


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