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Here are some testimonies from ministry that occurred during Christmas and New Year’s. Click any of the pics and scroll to the bottom of the testimonies page for more testimonies and more details!
I prayed and was honored and blessed to pray the Aaronic Blessing over two young couples that just came together in engagement to be married. The one picture you see of the young couple under the Talit, were completely overwhelmed by Holy Spirit and wept as I prayed over them. The shop was full of customers all day, and they were in complete awe as what they witnessed the Lord doing and couldn’t deny it was of God – the Ekklesia with no restrictions whatsoever. What a CHRISTmas Eve day it was!
This dad and daughter came in to do some last minute Christmas shopping. As they were checking out we all said ‘Merry Christmas’, however the dad added, ’And may you be blessed  and keep on doing what the Lord has you doing here. May you have a wonderful new year because I know I will have a much better one than I did this year! – and he said very adamant! I said, ‘Whoa, what’s up, what do you mean by that? Then he disclosed his story of how he almost died. He was in the hospital and they about killed him.
He has a very rare debilitating nerve disease (he said it but too difficult to pronounce) that is attacking his body. They misdiagnosed him and the treatment almost killed him among other things.
The disease slowly paralyzes the body from the legs up even affecting the lungs making it difficult to breathe. I immediately and FIRMLY said – ‘You are not here by coincidence! The Lord has brought you here to be healed!!!
My wife and I were humbled and honored to baptize a young man who I had ministered to more than a year ago and recently made the decision to surrender his life to Christ COMPLETELY and be baptized. 


We had sizeable but drifty surf on Christmas day and some fun clean waves before and after. 

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