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Here are some testimonies from ministry that occurred during January. Click any of the pics and scroll to the bottom of the testimonies page for more testimonies and more details!
I met a trio of ladies who have just moved here. They said that the Lord clearly showed them to come here, particularly to this area. They are VERY anointed! They came in to shop on Saturday. They said they had to come back on Sunday because the presence of the Lord is so powerful and we’re drawn here. We spent most of the early New Year’s Eve day together in fellowship at the shop. One by one we all together engaged in Divine appointment – one after another. (see pics) They said they wanted to pray over me and did. They spoke many confirmations about what the Lord was speaking to me and prophesied some powerful words. I was so drunk in the Holy Spirit afterwards I could barley stand. We all exchanged numbers and will be meeting up again soon.

I received a message from Ryan today – 

Hey John it’s Ryan, Kala , and Cole Connor from  Nashville Tennessee wanted to check on you sir. I know the storm hit hard there – our thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. Our little miracle  ‘Cole’ is getting big…Read about their testimony from the surf shop in July 2020


We had to dodge storms and even tornadoes to find waves, but there were some calm moments before and after the big storms.

Selections From
The New Board Brigade

Shop Update

New Yancy Spencer Comp Longboards and Rocket Fish in stock.

New Never Lose Hope Designs Love Sweatshirts in time for Valentine’s Day

Ford joined Justin and Chase at this year’s Surf Expo to see what’s new in the Surf World and document a historic occasion in East Coast Surfing: the induction of Ricky Carroll to the Hall of Fame.

Ricky Carroll’s boards were looking as beautiful as ever! And he was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame!


We bumped into old friends and made some new ones. 


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