Today’s (Monday 10/5/20) SURF / BEACH Report: We are (SURF SHOP) OPEN Tues. –  Sat. 8:30am-4pm & Sun. 10:30am-4pm / Mondays – CLOSED = it’s our Sabbath.

Attention: Tow (2) Tropical Storms to be aware of at this time – #1 T.S. Gamma = no threat but should see a small ground swell arriving on our beaches by tomorrow. #2 T.S. Delta = significant threat as T. S. Delta is forecast to become a Hurricane & move towards La. Al. and Western Fl Panhandle area. ALL EYES on the Gulf and do not let your guards down. Yes we will get surf, but also at the same time a Hurricane possibly Cat. 2 forecast to come onshore by Friday.  Today is absolutely beautiful with light clouds and sunshine and NE winds at 15kts+. Gulf water is clear & still warm in low 80s/upper 70s and FLAT – NO Surf. Easterly swell pushing West towards Santa Ros Beaches & P-cola. Yellow flags / No Jellies or Red Tide. Y’all have a blessed day.

We are a Market Place Ministry first and foremost. We serve and love all people. Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior resides here! If you need prayer, please stop by. It’s our privilege and honor to serve our Lord and we’ll pray with you for whatever your going through or facing.