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It’s been a great month of marketplace ministry. Click on the link below and scroll down for some of the latest testimonies.

Luke Partridge will be at Vision Church on Sep 30, Oct 14, Nov 18, and Dec 16

Coming up on September 5th we have a March for Jesus. Click on the pic below to learn more.

Surf, Skate & Skim

On August 21st we received a bit of pulsing waves from the storm that would later be named Harold.

R.O. Smith snapped some great pics of Daddy and Mommy Surf
Ford went to Pensacola and found some waves at the Pier

Surfers in Pensacola hunting for sections during the Dawn Patrol Session

Joe hunts for his first stand-up performance during his lesson at the State Park on August 22

August 29th SASP 5PM

Warren carves a clean line

Cam lays back

August 30th Shell Island 6 AM

After discovering the swell missed us, Tate finds a larger set than we expected for a bottom-top combo

August 30th Walton Beach - Midday-Afternoon

Hunter found some fun lefts

Mommy Surf and Charis Rowland

August 30th Okaloosa Beach - Midday

Karen Buxton watches as husband Justin puts his Stewart to use on a fun right he discovered West of the pack

Perfect Longboard conditions

Some sneaker rights showed up on just the right midsize sets

At around 12:30 a swing set set appeared out of nowhere. I took off sideways late and airdropped into what may have been a makeable left tube (by a more capable tube surfer). This wave was one of the largest I saw the entire swell. 20 minutes later Tate and I were caught inside by a set that was potentially even larger, and neither of us could get position in time. These sets were nothing compared to the size of the swell that reached Pensacola or Orange Beach to the West. But their sudden unexpected appearance this late in the fading swell at this beach had us scratching our heads.

On August 31st Mommy Surf put her brand new Stewart to the test! Such a great board!

Selections From
The New Board Brigade

Shop Update

We received a brand new shipment of Ben Gravy Soft Tops from 6'6" to 9'

We received a brand new shipment of Stewarts

Just 3 of many of the new Torq boards in stock including a number of Longboards ranging from 9' to 9'6"

On August 26th Mr Surfs Alum and Local Legend Nick Alexander stopped by.

Daddy Surf showed off one of his favorite series of pics when Nick was still a grom, but was surfing like a legend.

Congratulations to Caleb Perkins for winning the Masters World Championship title in the Skim USA Skim Tour! Caleb has been helping the store out so much by recommending our collection of Zap skimboards to local up-and-coming rippers. We know God has great things in store for him, and we’re so happy he’s representing PCB in the competitive skim scene.

New Surf Report Archive

In August we launched an experiment on our website to log our surf reports, store news, and surf session pics in an easy-to-access format. 

This project is still a work in progress, but check it out by clicking on the pic above, or visit the following link: 

2023 | AUGUST

Just click on the date with the accompanying thumbnail to navigate to the surf report and info from that day. We didn’t take as many pictures of sessions due to the continuing flat spells, but we are trying to get into the discipline of having this format ready so when the waves hit you’ll be able to find your pictures more easily. 

Eventually the goal would be that you could navigate to any month or day by adding the date in YYYY-MO-DA Format after


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