Daddy Surf's Corner

It’s been a great month of marketplace ministry. Click on the link below and scroll down for some of the latest testimonies. You can also click the pics for more information and pictures. 

Luke Partridge will be at Vision Church on Sep 30, Oct 14, Nov 18, and Dec 16

On September 5th, A March for Jesus gathered at the shop and marched West. 

Surf & Skim

Surf has been flat for the most part in September, but we had some surprises including a visit from Dylan Duncan, a few Seascreamer wakes at Deep Water Point, and Justin and Ford took a surf trip to the East Coast to hunt Hurricane Lee swell.

Mommy Surf enjoys a mellow session at the park with friends on September 2
Sea Screamer gave its passengers a front row seat to TSV's failed tube ride attempt

Jax Beach Surf Trip
September 13-14

Justin Buxton after the winds went bad

Ford and Justin found some new waves and new friends in Jacksonville enjoying the long period (long wait) waves from Lee.

Chance Wallis from Pensacola
Local Caleb Randall commits to a late takeoff
Thankful for a runner
Justin all smiles
Justin leans into a carve

Dylan Duncan Homecoming Skim Session on September 6

Of course Dylan set the tone for the evening with killer down the line combos, big airs, and successful grabs including a lofty out the back bigspin grab

Toby Blount started the session out with a check spray to welcome me in the water and ended it with a successful 5 shuv

Kaleb Perkins landed a number of backside airs and shuvits, and capped the session off with a lofty shuv out the back synchronized with Dylan’s straight air.

John, Moses, Drew and Isaiah found some great runs and backdrops in the perfect sunset.

Selections From
The New Board Brigade

Shop Update

We have new Torqs, Stewarts and consignment boards freshly arranged.

New wetsuits and booties in stock

Congratulations to Local Legend Dylan Duncan on going Pro with Skim USA! 

New hats and shirts from Hold Fast and Kerusso are in stock and available for purchase on our website.