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The Lord continues to bring folks in from all over and all walks of life to encounter Him in powerful ways. 
My dear sister and powerful woman of God and warrioress, Shelly Bishop  visited. She and her husband (veteran USMC) are from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. We have her book in our shop, and I highly recommend it. We talked much about all going on in the world and all that the Lord is doing in our lives. She said, ‘John, you and your wife have been put here as one of HIS outposts. You’re outside the walls of traditional church where the Lord uses y’all to reach the unreachable. It’s hard work and the enemy would love to shut y’all down, so keep on doing what you’re doing. 
The picture below is just one appointment. Mom (Adrienne) brought in her daughter ‘Alyssa’ for me to pray with because of some things weighing her down. Interestingly, I was going through a similar thing so it wasn’t a coincidence she had brought her in. We must have spent an hour+ discussing deep things of God and scriptures. What was encouraging is that Alyssa told me there is something special about this place. She said she and her friends were always drawn here. Particularly, when she was in high school having a difficult time in her life. I didn’t even know they had been coming here. God is SO absolutely amazing!
If you need prayer drop in anytime!
– Daddy Surf 🏄‍♂️ over and out!

Luke Partridge will be at Vision Church on Dec 16

On Sunday 11/19/23 at noon till 3pm we had ‘Kelley Rene’ & ‘Kat Pennington’ – two local Award Winning and Best Selling authors. Holy Spirit brought in Divine Appointments for them also!


On October 21st Cam led the way at the state park in the search for tiny shorebreak tubes. Mommy Surf, Chuck, Paris and Zeke braved the steep takeoffs on larger boards.

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This month we featured an artist in store!
About the Artist: Beau is a young adult that loves Jesus and loves painting/drawing. He was mentored by a very special art teacher through the years. Beau has lived with epilepsy his whole life and uses art as a safe, therapeutic way to pass the time. He has always loved making homemade greeting cards for all occasions.
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